Shirley Trevena Watercolours



This book has been put together to give the reader, whether they are practising visual artists or just art enthusiasts, a closer, more personal view and hopefully a valuable insight into my evolving work as a watercolour artist.

I thought how useful it would be for me to look at past work that I had agonised over for more than 30 years, some good, some ok and some easily forgotten. Being a hoarder I had access to a lot of early work and so this book was written with over 100 images plus my thoughts, ideas and stories behind many of them.

Before I started putting this book together I asked myself what sort of art book would really interest me. I came up with a “luscious, can’t wait to see what’s on the next page” book. This was my aim with this book.

I hope that the reader enjoys my scrapbook of images. Putting all this together was quite a rollercoaster for me, relieving my youth, my early impressions and memories of work past and present.


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