2 thoughts on “RI Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London”

  1. Ann Cottington


    I was delighted to see your work at the Mall Galleries and came with a copy of ‘l’art de l’aquarelle’ with your beautiful red lilies on the cover, hoping to meet you. I had flown in from France but missed the opening night. Three of us were admiring the paintings and got chatting about how much we love your work, colourful, original, unique. I’m afraid I shall miss your exhibition at Shoreham, but hope to arrange my next visit to Horsham to coincide with your exhibition at the museum.

    Ann Cottington

    1. Hello Ann

      Thank you for your very kind words about my work.
      I will be in Horsham for the PV which is on Friday 19th May between 6pm- 8pm.
      If you can manage to get there do come and say hello and have chat.

      My best wishes


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