Shirley Trevena Watercolours

Just received an advance copy of my new book and I am so pleased with it, lots of  wonderful reproductions and a very classy linen cover. It’s now available to pre-order in my shop.

5 thoughts on “Shirley Trevena Watercolours”

  1. dana jenkins

    Shirley, I am panting for the new book and DVD. have been in a terrible painting slump since last fall and am trying everything to break out of it and get my passion and rhythm back. I’m hoping your book will help. I may have already pre-ordered but if I have I’ll need two copies anyway. When do you think you’ll ship?

    1. Hi Dana, We have an order for 1 book from you so if you want another you will have to put in another order. We are hoping to get copies of the book in the third week in July and will ship as soon as we receive them. Mick

  2. Hi Shirley, thank you for notifying me of your new book. I could not place my order quickly enough. Your paintings are beautiful and always inspiring. Best wishes to you and future endeavors. Please keep me on your mail list.
    Sincerely, sue Adams

  3. I received your new book yesterday and I love it. I love your mixture of pen and ink and printmaking. I especially love the series of thumbprints which show a painting in progress and the way it changes through the process.
    Thanks for the paints from Daniel Smith.They are a great incentive to start painting right away and Now that I realise the sample spots can be used I am so glad I said YES to your kit. Thankyou, you wonderful lady.

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