Shirley Trevena’s Watercolours

My new book Shirley Trevena’s Watercolours is now with my publishers and will be available in July 2015. I think that it is going to be a very exciting book. I enjoyed putting together many pictures of paintings that I have completed over the past 30 years including drawings completed when I was 7. All you can tell from this image is not that I was going to be an artist but that I wanted to go on the stage. The book will be like a colourful scrapbook of my life as a painter.

3 thoughts on “Shirley Trevena’s Watercolours”

  1. dana jenkins

    I can’t wait and am checking pre-order status with amazon right now. I also understood you might be making a new DVD? will that be available from your website anytime soon? thanks as always

  2. Melinda Terry

    Ahhh, Shirley Trevena!
    What a following you’ve developed in the Seattle, WA (USA) area since your work was featured on the cover of our own Daniel Smith (art store and manufacturer of luscious watercolor paints)! I am so very pleased for your success, and to be able to enjoy your most recent paintings yet. Each is a graduate level lesson in composition, color and how to hold the viewer’s eye transfixed. You are a trickster! I’ve been “distracted” for the past year, Shirley, but just ordered your latest book (and now have all four (and your DVDs); I hope to get an original soon!
    I wish for your continued success,
    Melinda Terry, Edmonds, WA

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