Taking Risks with Watercolour (DVD and signed book)

Taking Risks with Watercolour DVD coverThe book Taking Risks with Watercolour by Shirley Trevena

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Taking Risks with Watercolour (DVD, PAL version only, and signed book)

2 thoughts on “Taking Risks with Watercolour (DVD and signed book)”

    1. Hi Judy

      All Shirley’s DVDs are Region 0 and will therefore play on any DVD player. However in the US the NTSC system for television is used which is different from the PAL system we use in Europe. Unfortunately our supplier of NTSC versions of the ‘Taking Risks with Watercolour’ DVD has gone out of business and therefore we cannot supply this DVD in this format. The PAL version will of course play on a computer but not on a television in the USA. We have NTSC versions of the ‘Breaking the Rules of Watercolour’ and ‘My World of Watercolour’ DVDs.

      Shirley Trevena Art

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